The Journal of Innovative Teaching and Contextualized Education aims to publish (a) Teacher’s Notes, (b) Original Articles, (c) Systematic Reviews, and (d) Short Communications that explore on innovations in teaching and contextualizing education. Topics may explore initiatives done by teachers to customize their teaching while innovating on both content and pedagogy; or, those done by school administrators in managing the school; or, even those done by supervisors in supervising schools within their jurisdiction, including initiatives by both the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education. Topics may also include those done by teachers in international schools and in foreign universities. Further, this journal publishes programs, projects, policies, plans, practices, beliefs, and academic-related activities that address the need for a contextualized education. The Journal publishes four times (4x) a year and has started its operation on January 2022. The Journal is managed by the College of Teacher Education Publication Unit and the School of Advanced Studies Research Unit.